I am having a big problem enabling my website's default template. Experts and Developers, please help

One developer has built me a website. He has used custom PHP script to make it and the website also has an easy admin panel built inside the website.

When I was checking the features in that built in admin dashboard, I came across the ‘theme’ section, it had two themes/templates in it and while I was checking the theme, I accidently disabled both the themes as default. Now the website won’t load any templates and is giving an error.
(Please see the photo of the error)

I tried to figure it on my own to solve the issue but am not able to. What I came to know is that the template he used was ‘Smarty’ template. It is some kind of template engine, I guess. But I don’t have much idea about that.

Now what I have to do is set the template ‘Smarty’ as default from the cpanel itself, and I don’t know where or what I should be changing in the file manager.

The worst part, the developer who built the site is on a vacation after delivering my site. Now I am in real trouble.

Any help from the technicians and experts would be very great. I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance,

You will probably need to get a hold of that developer but I can think of a few potential ways he disables the themes.

  1. He moves them to a different directory so the script can’t find them, therefore moving them back should re-enable it
  2. There might be a package/metadata file in each theme that defines enabled/disabled, reseting the value would make it available again
  3. It might be stored in table in the database and reverting the value would re-enable it again.

Either way, you are going to have to do some digging, either in phpMyAdmin (or the database tool of choice) or using an FTP/SFTP program to look at the files on the site and see if you can identify anything that may help you re-enable the themes.

First thing first. Do you have access to the ftp server to change the files? If you don’t have that than there is no reason to discuss anything else since you won’t be able to change any files. Also trying to fix this yourself is probably just going to result in more issues. It sounds like no theme exists which is probably stored in configuration somewhere either the db or file system. Who knows where without being able to see any code.

I do have access to the Cpanel and I can find a lot of file within the public_html. I have uploaded the file which the error is showing the path to. i.e - smarty_internal_template.php. I
Here is the link to the file:
(I used jumpshare)

Please have a look at it. And somewhere near line 219, there is a code which triggers this error. You might be able to figure it.

Thank you…

Unfortunately, that file won’t help us any. As that is within smarty, what we would need to see is more of how the application finds/determines the template to use.

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