I am getting some kind of image freeze

Working from the book- build you own website the right way using HTML & CSS. 3rd edition by Ian Lloyd

I am experiencing some issues in either the CSS or the HTML. each time I get to page 172 to float feature image right, I get some kind of freeze and the image does not move. I have tried… copying the HTML for the end of Chapter 4 and change some of the text only… Copy the CSS for the same end of chapter which matches the HTML but the image still stay frozen at the original spot as when I started the mark up… It seem to me that everything to do with text work. Any ideas???

The text writer I am using is Text wrangler the free version: And on a Mac OX 10.6.8



It is hard to diagnose what the issue might be without seeing your code. It could be any number of things from the image being nested inside a div that is the full width of the page and corresponding CSS that uses a div id instead of an image or it could be that some other element is causing the image to stay where it is. It could also be a syntactical error in your code.

Maybe this will solve your issue?


or this,

Hope that helps,