Hypermiling in HTML - Bare Minimal Markup & CSS

Anyone interested in squeezing the last possible ounce of performance out of their web pages, might find this experiment by Micah Godbolt interesting. Have a read of his new blog, particularly his first post, and see what you think - https://micah.codes/

It just says ‘hello world’ on an un-styled page. I’m not sure that is the way forward :slight_smile:

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Follow the “Hello World” link to read the article.

That’s a relief - I thought I was missing something somewhere… (i’d been looking for JS to enable and wondering where I was going wrong. )

Yes, I just found that:)

I’m one of those people that if I don’t see what I want straight away I go somewhere else :wink:

I think this is the correct link:



And I’ve become so used to sites which require me to enable JS in order to view their content that that’s my first thought - and if it doesn’t work, I give up.


It all becomes clear as you read down it, but initially, you do think “Oh, something went wrong”. I was having a conversation with Micah before he publicised it, and the intention is to slowly build things up to see what a minimal set of HTML, CSS and JS looks like, with an eye for usability, accessibility, performance and appearance. I was busy feeding him some response times on various browsers from where I am, as internet performance is less capable than many other places. In a way, I perhaps represent an ideal test candidate for what he is trying to establish.

For what it’s worth, the fastest browser turned out to be Opera at just over 300ms. That said, 299ms of that was latency, with the actual download taking only 0.50ms

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