Hey guys

Just a quick question:

How to embed hyperlink into a database cell?

Basically I echo out a table on the user interface of my site

and there’s an URL in one of the cells

I want the user to access it by clicking on it, without copying and pasting the URL into the URL bar of the browser

I tried updating the cell in phpmyadmin using <a href = http://www.example.com>http://www.example.com</a> but didn’t work out, the resulting cell only had the text format

Any help would be appreciated


I’m lost but why not:

$sql = 'SELECT url FROM dbTable';
foreach ($db->query($sql) as $row) {
	echo '<a href="'. $row['url'] .'">'. $row['url'] .'</a>';

Just store the url in the database instead of the HTML

Got cha, thanks