Https/http windows problem - same domain


  • We have a page in http
  • a popup is opened in http and the form is submitted to https
  • the https windows tries to do various stuff to opener…:
    Error: Permission denied for https get property Window.document

Any solution for this? Same domain… makes no sense to me such security…

In our application there is also a similar known error, but we can live with that: when a page is accessed with ssl/https jquery thickbox ajax is not working.

Why not make both https? No downsides as far as I can tell

Yes, I made both http so the site can work smoothly :slight_smile:

But, is this a “standard” http/https windows not to communicate with each other (same domain)?

This does not make sense to me…

Does it make sense for a secure page to accept info from an insecure page?