Html5bookmarks RSS woes

I am a crustacean that uses RSS feeds to stay up to date. The trouble is that one of them, for the html5bookmarks website, is misbehaving via my RSS reader, Feedly.

The RSS link with good information is at
Yet, when my browser uses feedly to retrieve information from the feedly link also includes all sorts of inappropriate articles, such as on passing exams, writing essays, and citing thesis papers.

I have checked the feedly link from multiple devices, and all (desktop, tablet, cellphone) show the same trouble, so the issue is not likely to be malware on my end. Just to be sure though I’ve done a thorough clean using the guide at

Can anyone help me to find a solution to this perplexing issue, so that I can collate together articles for my This Week in Javascript publication in relative peace?

I’ve come to the realization that my system is not responsible for the problem, so I’ve attempted to post a request to Feedly to get this problem fixed.

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