HTML5: Types of stylesheets?

I’m enjoying SitePoint’s new HTML5/CSS3 book, but I have a question about the <style> tag. The authors say that it’s no longer necessary to include the type attribute, since it’s assumed that a stylesheet is going to be text/css. I saw long ago however, that there was a type = text/javascript. I could never find any documentation about this type of stylesheet construction; can anyone fill me in on this (possible) dinosaur of formatting? TIA!

JavaScript uses the script tag, CSS uses the style tag.

That’s could be why you didn’t find it documented for the style tag.

It was very badly worded regarding the ‘type’ attribute in that book. For STYLE and SCRIPT elements they REQUIRED type in HTML 4.01 on those two because the contents aren’t treated as markup.

HTML5 takes the lazy decision that you’ll be using either JavaScript (text/javascript) or CSS (text/css) within document as default. With SCRIPT being for script statements and the STYLE being a content type of style language. Like Force Flow said the (text/javascript) is for scripting not style sheets.