HTML5 Presentation

Interesting presentation, though the creator didn’t seem to like 1280x800px displays much :wink:

Great. After loading for a whole minute, downloading 1.2 MB of content, all I get is a grey page. :rolleyes:

Is HTML5 ready yet?

Works great in Firefox, though. Whether or not HTML is ready for the real world is another story.

Works great in chrome… you know what? I think I could produce a presentation system just like that which is much more graceful :slight_smile:

Wonderful example of faux-html5… HTML5 written by someone who didn’t grasp HTML4/CSS2 before moving on; specifically the concept of separation of presentation from content. Inlined style, inlined static scripting, inputs and buttons outside FORMs, and it breaks if your browser window aspect ratio is portrait instead of landscape… took me a minute just to figure out it wanted me to click on an arrow key on the keyboard. (should at least have on screen buttons and/or mouse-wheel awareness)

Also a riot is it goes on and on about CSS3, and then has none in either it’s examples or in it’s CSS… Of course if it actually USED CSS3 it wouldn’t work in Safari or FF would it? Nope, but it would then work just fine in Opera. (News flash -moz and -webkit properties are NOT CSS3 - even when they do the same thing!). That’s almost as funny as YouTubes “HTML5 preview” which is a XHTML 1.0 tranny doctype that just happens to have the VIDEO tag slapped into it any old way…


        -webkit-text-stroke-color: red;
        -webkit-text-stroke-width: 1px;
        -moz-text-stroke-color: red;
        -moz-text-stroke-width: 1px;

Do we see any CSS3 here? I don’t. Ya forgot the ACTUAL CSS3 properties, instead of the “not for deployment have fun playing with something you might be able to use on a production site in a decade” vendor specific string.

Love the timeline too, since AJAX has been possible (though not called ajax) in IE since 1997 (since it was part of the M$ office interaction), and HTML5 even by admission of it’s project manager is unlikely to be real world deployable until 2020.

But then, I’m no fan of HTML5 since MOST of what it brings to the table can either already be done in a strict doctype with LESS markup, could be done with existing tags if we deprecated a couple of them like say… MENU, and in general means LESS SEMANTIC MARKUP undoing all the progress that ‘strict’ has given us the past decade.

In other words, color me unimpressed.