HTML5 <hr> tag


According to W3C spec, in HTML5, the <hr> tag displays a horizontal rule, and defines a change in the content.

I want to know to what end?

For example, if I have a <section>, which in itself defines a new section of content and I place an <hr> in between two paragraphs, would the <hr> indicate a change-of-thought / change of sub-section within that <section>, OR, does is define a change in content for the document (page) overall?

Could someone explain the semantic meaning to the new <hr> spec a little more thoroughly to me, please?

Thanks in advance.

Could be used like:

this is content...


this is a note on the above content


more content.

Or it could be used to divide content sections.

Hi Logic Earth

Thanks for the quick reply.

From this, I gather that it’s really just about a change of “thought” within the parent element…?

See if this helps:

4.5 Grouping content — HTML5 — Edition for Web Developers