HTML5 doctype today?

Or whatever they are calling it. I did some reading around. Quite a few places say that we can use the doctype today and that it is backwards compatible. Like here To be clear, this question is only about using the doctype not the other new tags.

Have any of you used this yet and done any extensive cross browser testing? Are there any drawbacks that you are aware of? Thanks!

The doctype is perfectly valid for HTML 2.

The only thing you can’t do when you have a doctype that leaves out the version information is to validate the page as that particular version.

Thanks felgall. So in other words I won’t be able to accurately run my page through the validator? That comes in handy from time to time.

I use it now, have never come across any problems. Browsers use the latest version of HTML anyway no matter what doctype you use

You can validate against earlier versions by setting the option in the validator, but there’s little point in doing so anyway?

I’ve used it in various places. I can’t say it’s cause any issues so far. But–I code for HTML/XHTML strict anyway.

thanks guys!