HTML5 Audio tag not playing in IE8

Hi, I am using the HTML5 audio tag to play back music with just an on/off button (no media player). It is working fine in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. But in IE8 it won’t play. Are there any adjustments I need to make or are there other alternatives?

Seeing as support for HTML5 started with IE9…I think you can figure it out.

There are fixes, though. If you include Google Code’s HTML5 Shiv that will enable HTML5 for JavaScript-using users on IE less than 9.

One of the reasons that people tend to shy away from full use of HTML5, as it’s not supported in about 24% of the global market share. That’s 1 in 4 users who can’t use your stuff…bad doggy.


I think the HTML5shiv will only allow browsers to recognise and style the new tags - I don’t think it will help in this situation. (But I don’t use it, so I could be wrong.)

I think you’ll need to provide an alternative for older browsers. There’s a simple tutorial here.

Kind of a fallback. I didn’t look at TB’s link, but I imagine one way of doing it would be to use an IE conditional statement where on the normal stylesheet the fallback is set to display:none; and then on the IE sheet, you can specify it as !important display:whatever.

That’d be one way off the top of my head.


Not really. It’s a problem of function (or lack thereof), not a problem of styling. You need to provide alternative content, the same as you do for Flash. Look at the link. :slight_smile: