HTML5 and Datetime

Trying to learn HTML5 is very frustrating because things are so poorly defined (and seem to be a moving target).

As of November 2015, is there a way to define the date and time of an article?

I was looking to do this…

        <h1>Some Article Title</h1>
        <??>Published On here</??>


There is the <time datetime="ccyy-mm-dd hh:mm"> tag and attribute

Look up microformats - what @felgall has posted is an example of that.

Is your article is stored in database table? If so I would also have a date field (stored as TIMESTAMP) and simply use the extensive PHP date formating facilities:

   <?php echo date('l, jS F Y  - H:i:s ', $dateFromTable);?> 

Monday, 2nd November 2015 - 15:40:25

So has added this back into the HTML5 standard?

Yesterday I saw some people say to use pubdate but then other said it was taken out. I thought might be deprecated as well.

Yes, articles will be stored in a database.

I am familiar with PHP’s formatting, but this question was one of HTML semantics.

Since I have been learning HTML5, I thought it might be good to add a date-time element to the header of the article element if a valid one exists.

According to CanIUse: Time, the support for is bad…

Is there a better alternative?

That was where I looked it up (since I haven’t actually needed it myself yet).

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