HTML web form not sending using submit.php

[FONT=Arial]Good day , Php is not well known or something i use everyday , however , i have a html webform which i need to send data to mysql table using a php script , when i submit the form i get the following error ,
500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. i have also restarted IIS as well but still the same error , if i submit the form with mailto it works fine , can you please advise what i should do , thanks i have be struggling for almost 3 weeks just to get the data submitted to the db table
Here is my code:
$Database = array(
“Host” => ‘localhost’,
“User” => ‘root’,
“Password” => ‘root’,
“Name” => ‘spierform’

if ($mysqli->connect_error)
$error = true;
echo $mysqli->connect_error;

$mysqli = new mysqli($Database[‘Host’], $Database[‘User’], $Database[‘Password’], $Database[‘Name’]);
$stmt=mysqli->prepare(“INSERT into feedback (FirstName,LastName,Department,Technician,TicketNo,Techrating,Teamrating,Comments)



umm is this the entire source code you have in this file? If so, why you are using $mysqli->connect_error; in an ‘if statement’ when the object $mysqli does not even exist? You create a new instance of mysqli in the else statement, but before the else statement I dont see where $mysqli comes from.