HTML to Wordpress


This is Nousherwan, The CEO of Web Linkers. I have some problem in my latest project. My client have html based website, And now i am developing their site in wordpress, And he was happy. But he was stuck that the cart system used in html based website was perfect and he wants to continue this. I am trying many ways to shift this cart system in wordpress but i failed. <snip/> Kindly help me that how can i shift this in wordpress.


Does the cart need to interface to the any user credentials or require login? (What I am thinking whether we can proxy the cart system over to the new site without breaking stuff.)

By proxy is mean kind of like putting it into an iframe in the new site (or an equivalent thing without the actual iframe). Maybe not the cleanest solution but relatively quick if it can work.

Hi nousherwantariq, welcome to the forums.

Linking to a page showing the carts GUI isn’t any help.

What cart is it?

No my dear, This cart system dont need any login…


Sorry, but you seem to be missing my point.

You said you must use the same cart. I can not tell what cart that is by seeing a page that shows its GUI and the view-source does not provide any intentifying information.

The easiest way to let us help you is for you to tell us what cart it is.