.html pages, forms and security question

I have a website from which I’m offering website templates for free. The site does not collect any type of information such payment information nor any other type of sensitive information from its’ visitors. The website template demos are .html files.

So, the question that I have is, if I include forms as part of the website templates/demos, is their any security issue that I should be concerned about?

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I’m not sure what you mean. Are these forms on your website that its visitors can fill in? Or are they html form template files that visitors can download and use on their own site?
Either way, the security concerns will depend upon the form processing method and how the data is to be stored and/or delivered. This part happens not in the html, but requires some scripting.

The forms are part of the website templates that users can download and use on their own site. The forms are also part of the template demos that are on my website. These demo pages, which contain forms, are .html documents. My website does not use any server side scripting, other than PHP includes.

If the forms have no processing mechanism as yet, so no actual data is collected or processed by them, then there should not be any security issues.
That would come in when the forms are put to use on a site and the processing script is linked to them.

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That’s what I thought, but wanted to ask someone else.

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