HTML ... Linking between new pages

As an absolute begineer I’ve reached the end of Chapter 2 in Ian Lloyds 'Build Your Own Website Etc"
I’m happy with all the elements and have progressed without probs. However, the page navigation,
ie Index, About Us and Contact will not link, I simply have a ‘browser’ message stating it can’t find the files, although the ‘path’ listed in the message appears o.k.
I have compared my listing with the ‘book’ and it appears identical.My browser is I.E.
Glad to hear from you…Regards…Roger P.

They should work once you have refreshed/reloaded the browser page if it’s spelt correctly and in the same folder as the ‘index.html’ file.

I suspect without seeing those files you have made a typo either in saving the filename itself or path. They also must be spelt correctly and match; your file name, location and extension so that they will link to/from the file: index.html and try to load it, i.e. go to that page.

The browser will only ever try to go to wherever it is told; so if you ever spell the path or filename wrong and it will just get lost… and you’ll not get a working link that goes anywhere. Like you seem to be experiencing.

Therefore make sure your three files are called: index.html, about.html and contact.html respectively and have the extension *.html not anything else like *html.txt or *.txt and that are stored in the same folder/directory.

I assume you can load/open all three files independently and they display fine but it’s just your links that are not working?

If you are still having problems copy-and-paste your HTML for the index.html file in a new post here so we can determine if it is a typo in the markup or you have actually misplaced those files or saved them with the wrong name, etc.

Did you work this one out?

If you can post your HTML code Ill have a look for you

Sorry guys… a stupid thing to do. I saved the files listed under ‘web folder’ as html files, this resulted in the IE path containing 2 html extentions…Thanks for your help…Regards Roger P.

No worries, we all make mistakes so glad you figured-out where you went wrong. :slight_smile:

Best way to avoid these mistakes is use a local php server and test/ try files before uploading.