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Not sure which forum to put this is as it cover every section!

I am running a competition on my website which will collect me email address’s for a mailing list.

I want a form which will do this for me. I am ok with a simple HTML form but have a few questions to see if I can get it to do exactly what I want

Preferably without using PHP (As I havent read about it yet) although I’m 90% sure this wont be possible (especialy my last point)

Questions below:

  1. My mailing list will be in excel, can i export directly to this format (CSV or xlsm)?
  2. I will have a drop down list which will have around 720 values! This is far too many so I wondered if I could cut this down by another part of the form

IE: If x is selected, then the drop down list = abcdef. If Y is selected then the drop down list = GHIJKL.

  1. Now this is the tricky part! My website is built in HTML but I use wordpress for my forum and blog. Can I make it so my form registers the ‘form user’ for my wordpress account?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m looking to go live at the beginning of Dec :slight_smile:

You are going to have to use some sort of scripting language to process the email submissions and, I assume, save them in a database. Unless you can find a Wordpress plugin to do it for you.

Export from where? From a database? You can export from a database to CSV using phpMyAdmin.

On the web page? You will have to use Javascript for that.

Look for a Wordpress plugin to do that.

Thanks CheeseDude!

Suppose I meant, can I export to a CSV file, rather than a database. IE: Past straight into the CSV?

Though so, I’l have a dig into that then…

Any reccomendations? I’ve searched through but its hard to put into words as a search term…

If you handle your mailing list with campaign monitor or mailchimp, then you already have a WordPress plugin for that.

If you simply want to have the details because you’re hadling your mailing list with another software or program (let’s say, Outlook or Thunderbird, although these softwares are not really suited for this), use a normal from that will e-mail you the details you need

Suppose my boggest question is, how do I store the data from the form. My book states response’o’matic.

Can I do this straight to an exce;/ csv file or a SQL database? What are my options

Thanks, I missed this previously

Just checking out mailchimp and it looks good. I dont love teh form though so may just make one to email me.

I’d like to show the results but think I’m out of my depth

It will be a competition where everyone who signs up will choose their club. I’d like to show which club s in the lead (Like a poll)

You can always change the looks of the form by chaging the CSS.

Now, you’re adding a new concept into the equation… that you wanted to collect the e-mail addresses… To show this results, you at least need to keep count and that means some programming whether you like it or not.

Not sure that there’s any plugin that can do what you want (capturing e-mails and showing the results of this competition) but i would suggest that you search again, in this case using the word “competition” as a main search because it is likely that if the plugin does exist, it will capture the e-mail addresses and add it to a database where you can export it as CSV

I’m more than happy with the programming. I’d like to avoid PHP if possible but would love a HTML/ Java one (although I’m new to Java)

Unless I’ve missed the point there :slight_smile:

I can do my form easily in HTML/ Java, email will be fine. Showing the results is a whole new ball game :slight_smile:

You should be fine if you know Java and your server support it (most of them do so I don’t think that you’ll have problem there)

You can code your page with HTML and program the functionality with Java, if that’s what you know.

Thanks I’ll do that

I’m incredibly new to java so a push on the right direction would be great but I’m happy to get my hands dirty!