HTML Form Question

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I have a form that allows a user to search, when submitted it displays the information below the form. The users have requested that after they click Submit, that the information they input into the search text area, remains there after they click submit. They would also like to have a “Clear” button to remove the text if needed to input additional searches.

How would I go about setting this up?


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You can do this using JavaScript.
The exact code you need would depend on exactly what elements you have in your form.
Here is a good tutorial:

Maybe you can have a look at that and post back here if you have any questions.

Depending on which server side language you are using with the form it is simply a matter of setting the form field values from the fields passed with the form. Only the clear button functionality would require JavaScript (although JavaScript could be used to process the form without having to reload the page.

Oops, I missed the first part of the question.
Thanks felgall!