HTML form for discount percentage

Hi Guys,

I need your help for simple html form to calculate the discount percentage between the actual price and the retail price which will be edited manually. So i need to translate this: Retaill price minus actual price divided by retail price * 100 into an html form.


Thank you!

Because calculations of that nature are performed by JavaScriopt or by server-side processes such as PHP, I am moving this post to the JS category for starters.

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Oh i see. Really sorry.

Thank you!

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No problem. Didn’t want you to think that your post had been lost :smile:

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No one to help? :cry:

Sorry, I was waiting for you to post what’s needed in order to be of help.

That is.

  • your current HTML form code
  • your current JavaScript code
  • what error messages you are getting in your dev tools console if any

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