HTML for search onpage

Has anyone come across a code to search just on a page, without any js ?

HTML is a markup language for page structure.

If you want to include some kind of interactive behaviour like a search, you’ll need to use a scripting language; if not JavaScript, then something else.

Thanks TB, but would mobile phones already have js installed?

Most phones can handle JS, I believe, with the exception perhaps of very old and/or very basic phones.

However, using JavaScript puts the burden of processing on the browser - and the mobile user’s battery. (My phone, which is pretty basic, can handle some JS, but if there is too much, it takes for ever trying to render the page and eventually gives up with an error message.) Might it not be better to use PHP or some other server-side search?

That does sounf better, I’ll look around for some PHP that could do it. Unless anyone here knows of a good one, please post. Thanks.

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