HTML email with multi select values

Hey guys ,

I am trying for the last 1 hour but couldnt figure why my Multiselect values are not displaying in the html email sent to the user.

in my email template I have
<p><strong>Hotels : </strong>{hotels-group}</p>

hotels-group is a multiselect on my form . Although the values are getting posted if I dont use the html template for the emailing purpose
in my form -
$form->addOption('hotels-group[]', 'hotel-5', 'hotel-4', 'option 3');
$form->addOption('hotels-group[]', 'hotel-6', 'hotel-6', 'option 3');
$form->addSelect('hotels-group[]', 'Hotels : ', 'class=selectpicker,multiple=multiple, data-max-options=2, data-live-search=true,title=Choose Hotels,data-width=fit,required=required');

Any suggestion how I can solve it

Anyone who can help me ?

Hi phpnewbie, welcome to the forum

It’s a Holiday so I imagine many are busy celebrating.

I saw you code example, but it doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen.
Well, it looks similar, but I don’t recognize it.

Is this a framework, a template, CMS, library, etc?

I am using bootstrap select plugin and php to out put the desired select options in a form and then they are posted as an email .

The email is an html template which contains form data .[quote=“phpnewbie, post:1, topic:210771”]
<p><strong>Hotels : </strong>{hotels-group}</p>

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