HTML editor that can match the <div> and </div> by hightlighting them

I have tried a few HTML editors… and i think one of the most helpful thing can be, when we click on the starting <div> tag, then it will highlight the corresponding closing </div> to show on screen.

also if it can do a quick validation of matching <div> and </div> (and all tags like <span> and </span>) then it will be great. Is there any other there? Many thanks.

P.S. one reason to use it is, if we want to copy and paste some HTML code from one file to another one, if we can see the precise starting and closing tag of <div>, then we will do a precise job. Otherwise, we may leave a dangling starting <div> with no closing </div>, and it can cause problems.

Try notepad++

With Notepad++ when you highlight the starting tag, the ending tag will highlight; but only while the cursor remains on the starting tag. So you would need to start highlighting from the start tag, scroll down if required to find the ending tag, and shift-click at the end of that ending tag to compete the selection.

In PSPad you press Sh+Ctrl+T for selecting the whole tag block. Or any other key combination you prefer to set.

vi/vim and emacs.

Which is better at it though - vi or emacs?

[fade: to the sound of evil laughter]

for checking code notepad++ is the best I think :smiley:

Webuilder (windows) will do that. It’s from Blumentals Software. I was a Homesite fanatic for years and was sad when it went belly-up. I actually like Webuilder better.

ah, 30 day free trail… Notepad++ beats it for price then.

For Windows I’ve been using ConTex. It doesn’t the job.

i think you mean this one:

it’d be nice if it has screenshots on their website.

Yes, you’re right, sorry, I was too lazy to post the link. I’m not sure how much life it’s got in it as development has transferred to someone else and no upates have been forthcoming. The community are trying to persuade the owner to make it open source.