HTML Editing on Windows 10 with DPI Scaling (4k QHD Display)

I write in Microsoft Expression Web rather than Word, that is I use the design view all day and spell check etc.
But since moving to a 4k display Expression Web fonts are fuzzy.
I tried Adobe Dream Weaver CC2017 but it too has fuzzy fonts in the main design view window!
It’s hurting my eyes so much I am thinking of throwing away the new computer and display…
please save me from doing that…
Please recommend a WYSIWYG HTML editor with CSS support that works with Windows 10 DPI scaling.

Here is hoping, many thanks William

P.S. Take a look below at a screen shot of the fuzzy fonts in Expression Web, Dreamweaver and many other HTML Editors. You can see the fuzzy fonts in EW on the left, and clear fonts in Notepad on the right:

The trouble with WYSIWYG HTML editors is they are all flawed. Nothing beats editing HTML in a text editor and viewing the results in a browser.


Gandalf’s motto: “One should never generalise”…
Gandalf’s advice: Massive generalization completely irrelevant to how I described my work and needs…

But I am now using this silly work around:
Stop Expression Web scaling Design View
Double everything in the stylesheets expression web loads- eg div size from 800 to 1600 and font size from 18px to 36px.

Just to be clear, the fuzzy fonts are only seen in “design view”; the page renders clearly when viewed in a browser on the same machine. Is that correct?

Yes that’s right- browsers from edge to firefox all work OK because they are newer dpi aware apps.
Windows 10 auto scales some old apps like Office 2002 to produce good size fonts but very small toolbars. Other old apps like WinZip 12 auto scale messy because they mix icons and text and the new spacing is wrong. But these issues I can live with.
Unfortunately EW and Dreamweaver are different, either you get 800 pixels meaning literally 800 pixels in design view, or you tell Windows to scale graphically, creating horribly fuzzy fonts.

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**BlueGriffon works perfectly with Windows 10 DPI Scaling. **

Expression Web, Dream Weaver CC2017, KompoZer, Frontpage all have fuzzy fonts or tiny WYSIWYG design views .

Alas Bluegriffon is too cluttered for me. I like to disable all toolbars and rulers etc and access all features from menus. Bluegriffon drops about 15% of the vertical space even with the main toolbar hidden, and there are no menu routes to zoom etc.

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