HTML API learning

I really don’t know anything about it … and i’ve known it’s the most important in HTML …
so if you lead me to some site or some videos to learn about it .


I’m not aware there is such a thing as an HTML API. The P in API stands for programming, so you would most likely want a programming language such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, not vanilla HTML.

Where did you get the idea it is most important in HTML?

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here it is the HTML API’s … ( without the Geoglocatio and the drag and drop )

and if thats is not the most important in HTML … then what is ?

That’s analogous to asking which is the most important tool in your toolbox, hammer, saw, screwdriver, level or plane?

And the correct answer is the same.

The tool that can best be used to complete the task at hand.

BTW, the number of APIs on the page you linked to is severely lacking compared to this page.


Iam sorry Iam a begginer and I don’t know how to finish this correctly to move on to the next language or so …

and i think i meant most diffecult … but still wrong i think …

I don’t know what your goal is, but for me learning is never finished but is an ongoing process.

As for learning various things, IMHO the best way is to look at what tools are available at least enough so you might remember having seen them. Maybe look into some in more detail if they look like they might interest you, even trying them out for fun and the learning experience.

But there are a lot of tools and unless you possess abilities I don’t have the chances of learning everything before “moving on” is not likely.

What works for me is giving myself a task, then looking more in depth into what I have seen to see if and how something can be used to accomplish the task.

That is, except for learning “basics” (syntax, datatypes, control structure etc.) most of what I learn is on an “as needed” basis.


I don’t know why you’re coming strong on me … i told you iam stil a begginer, all i know is from some videos and sites i learn from … and i know i won’t move on from the language i meant move on to rely on what i learned so far in this language ( HTML ) to learn about another one for now ( CSS )
I meant i will finish the basics then go deeper but after i finish the basics of the others

thanks anyway

I’m sure @Mittineague didn’t intend to “come on strong”.

The point here is that there are many APIs, most of which you will probably never need. They are not a core part of HTML, so you can forget about needing to learn them before moving on. Nor do you need to learn everything about HTML before learning CSS; the two go together and can be learned at the same time.

If you want to learn about the Web Storage API at this stage, there is nothing to stop you, but neither is it vital. I don’t know how widely used it is, but I’ve come across very few sites which use it, and it’s not something I’ve ever needed.

I think Mittineague intended to be encouraging, rather than discouraging. There is an awful lot that you could learn, but beyond the basics, you’re better to learn things as and when you need to use them, rather than trying to learn (and retain) a vast amount of information you may never use.

Indeed that was my intent.

I mistakenly thought by “finish” and “move on” you meant you wanted to master all things HTML and then learn another area of web development.

If it came across harsh it’s because my feeling is that the reality of learning web development is “harsh” in that I find it impossible to keep up to date with everything as fast and as often as web development is changing.

If by “finish” and “move on” you meant before you can get started.
Wait no longer, you can get started now

There is a reason many languages have a simple “Hello World”.

It is so you can have tangible evidence that you are on the right path.

The beginning of the path, true, and it is likely that mistakes will be made along the way.

But not to be discouraged, I do not know of a single person anywhere that never has an error in their code from time to time.

As said,
Wait no longer, you can get started now

Try giving your self a simple and fun “project”.
i.e. not the “next new Facebook” all at once, but one small thing.

For example try the w3schools example for localStorage

Once that is working, try changing things. If it breaks, try to figure out why it broke.
Once that is working, try changing things some more. If it breaks, try to figure out why it broke.
Rinse, repeat.

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yeah that’s kinda what iam doing … but the thing is every site got a different way of teaching … i learned almost all stuff about HTML in w3school … but i still don’t feel like i could make a small project out of what i’ve learned there … so i tried to look for another site .

this time i choose one in sitepoint which teach (HTML and CSS ) together … but still very different than w3school so i have to start over .

so all iam trying to do is to look to the most usefull way to learn but doesn’t waste my time after it .
i still don’t know anything about js or php, because i don’t think my knowlage with html and css is enough to build anything even a small project .

here’s the site iam learning from now

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sorry if i missunderstood you

It may not work if you save the file and open it on your computer from the “file://” protocol because of permission and security restrictions.

If you don’t have a localhost server on your computer (eg. XAMPP, WAMP etc.) IMHO it is a good idea to install one. There are other ways to set up a localhost server that many prefer over the “packaged” servers, but for getting started something simple and easy to get set up and running should be good enough.

Then when you open a browser and go to something like http://localhost/mywebpage.html
I think you will find that things will work better for you.


don’t you have any good sites ( with videos ) that you see is the best … or at least got the common used things to teach

for free of course … not a premium one

I can’t suggest any sites with videos, that is not how I prefer to learn.

I prefer tutorials and documentation.

For example, one of my favorite “go to” sites is MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)

I don’t know what’s the difference i want a tutorial site with videos .

without videos i get lost alot … and on the other hand english is not my first language … so videos is really better for me … it’s not like i want a video to how to build a website …

That’s opposite for me, I get lost a lot with videos.

Between pausing, rewinding, and squinting to read the code text it usually isn’t a good experience for me.

I prefer to work my way through at my own pace. Some things I can digest relatively quickly, other things I need to spend more time with before it clicks and sinks in.


well … sometimes i need the documents too … but for the most videos … cuz the one who talks explain everything he’s writting ( if it’s a good video ) but if i couldnt understand something on those text sites, like that local storage or anything else how would do it ?! … just memorize it ?!

Goodness no. At least for me I don’t learn web dev by rote memorization.

Anything I “know” comes by learning from my mistakes and from repeated frequent use.
And even then I often go back to documentation to double check.

That is, I learn better by “doing” than I do if I tried to memorize things.


yeah that’s what iam talking about … for me to understand i need videos not just documents …

and can you tell me any idea for a small site ?.. i just need to know what to write inside what iam learning on now