How will i fetch the data of the quantity?

Please help me.

Please explain in more detail what it is you are trying to do? What code have you got so far?

If you want it to update the total value in the right-hand column when the user enters a quantity, you’ll either have to submit the form each time and have your PHP code re-draw it, or use JavaScript to capture the event when the user leaves the quantity field and update the page dynamically.

As I suspect the latter is what you really want, you would probably be better asking in the JavaScript section of the site.

I notice the “Price”, “Subtotal” and “Total” values all display the string “php”.

My guess is that there is a concatenation error somewhere eg. the closing php> is getting output.

In any case, it isn’t easy to troubleshoot an image. Please post the bit of code that is generating the displayed output.

I think that may be an abbreviation for Philippine peso.


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