How we can change WordPress admin URL

Actually my question is how can we change WordPress admin URL. Currently I’m using wp-lockdown plugin but this is not working with appropriate method. Guide me with fully configured method to customize admin URL as my choice with free hand. I want to change the admin URL without any plugin means that, is there any way to edit any code file on server side to resolve this issue.
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Rename the system folder? Most CMS’s allow you to change the system folder to whatever you want, including running it above root if you wish for added security.

Can you explain explicitly with code example because still I’m not understand what you wanna saying.
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In the CMS I use most often the “system” files are stored in a folder called /system. All I do is rename this folder to something obscure such as /wdf32dtAswgfdA and update the path in the config settings. Then the client accesses the CMS admin via a file called admin.php which I sometimes also rename to something more memorable.

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Its look like complicated. Can you pass any reference .
Thank You !