How to

i want to show up link/picture only if the value is more than 2.
If it isent anything in the collum it shouldent show up.
got so far.
<td colspan=“1” valign=“top”> <a target=“_blank” href=“”.<?=$Facebook?>><img src=“image/facebook_account.png” border=“0” /> </td>?>

So [FPHP]IF[/FPHP] the value is More Than 2, then you want to output that line…

I see 3 main issues with your code before you can do anything further.

  1. In your code you have the following…

    php ".<?=$Facebook?>
    This won’t work because you have opened double quotes and a PHP tag, all you need to do is simply change it to the below. If you noticed i changed <?= to <?php because personally i don’t like short open tags in PHP.

    php <a target="_blank" href="<?php echo $Facebook; ?>">
  2. You have a random ?> at the end of your <td> which doesn’t make sense as it will output as HTML, is there more to the code you posted?
  3. You have unclosed HTML attributes and tags, more specifically your missing the end double quotes for href and and closing tag for <a>

Both answers didn’t help
why dont just write down the code do i can copy paste?

Got so far <td colspan=“1” valign=“top”> <a target=“_blank” href=“”.<?=$Facebook?>><? if($Facebook > 2){ ?>< img src=“image/facebook_account.png” border=“0” /> <?}?></td>
The picture wont show up? but i can get text to a link

“Why dont just write down the code do i can copy paste”
because then you dont learn, you just copy and paste.

Ok but i have absolutly no idea how to fix the problem so my image will show up

Fixed the problem but i have absolutly no idea how i did it^^

Could you please post the code you have that works as it will help us to assist you with explaining how you fixed it.

PS: The post i made was simple feedback on what you posted, it was not intended to be an answer to your question, also as [COLOR=#ff6600][B]StarLion[/B][/COLOR] said non the less it doesn’t help to just have something handed to you as you won’t understand it or sometimes how to build off it. We are here to help in anyway possible but to just pop out codes left and right is unfair to others.