How to use JS in tamper monkey to change uBlock Extension behaviour?

Any idea how i can use JS in tamper monkey to get the uBlock Extension strict blocking page to stop showing up but still doing it’s functionality in the background?

i am using a page that asks for turning the ad block off and even if i bypassed that the page doesn’t function properly so i don’t have any option than turning it off so i did … but the problem is that it shows pop up ads and the ublock blocks them using strict blocking which makes it annoying as the real pop up.

any idea how do i get it to stop showing that page without turning the feature off for any site ?

the url of the warning page

While I may be in danger of Invoking Cunningham’s Law, it’s not possible to get tamper monkey to affect uBlock in that way.

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why ? all i need it to do is preventing the page with that url from opening or even auto closing it when it opens.

nah don’t bother i was able to do it with Ad Close Gold extension but it activated the anti adblock script again in the site i don’t know how… even that

strict blocking is the blocking of a whole page, i.e. the root document is blocked, so that not a single connection is made to the remote server hosting the web page.

so that doesn’t make any sense the pop up page is not being opened in case of the strict blocking tab not being closed Immediately … i think the auto close needs time delay or something maybe the site senses that we are still in its page after the pop up is opened so it knows that it was blocked this the only way that i think of how it can be done.

what do you think ?

Edit : tested closing it (the pop up) instantly using ctrl + w and it had the same effect

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