How to use Emoticons in ajax chat

Can any one tell me how to use Emoticons in this chat script i was download

here is the script

That article is from 2010
Depending on your perspective, that may be relatively current or ancient.
HINT web dev moves quickly

What error messages are you getting?

there is login system i want to skip this i use my old session

Hmm, I’ve never seen that error message, Custom code?

Yes there is no error I want to know where i will put my session

I’m confused.

If there is no error, then it’s working,

i wast want when already login user enter in chat room they will not enter account info again i want to direct login in to chat without enter Name and email using already started session

Ah,now I see, thanks.

The problem is with your “logged in” SESSION code.

I’m guessing it is because you are missing a session_start on some of your pages that check for SESSION


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