How to use cURL work with POST method form

hi there,

Now, i am already know how to get another site search result and then display them in my site but it’s just using $_GET method. Now, i am dealing with opposite method that is $_POST method just like this site:

after we’ve selected any data such as “pulang pergi”, “dari = jakarta”, “ke = surabaya”, “pergi = 22 Dec 2012”, “pulang = 25 Dec 2012” or you can use another data and leave another as default then do search button. It will sent us to this link:

i am trying to fetch all data in that page into my site but i can guess how i can done with this situation :frowning:

fyi: I am just do it for learning not any business or stealth related.

Thanks Mate,

#1: That site is painfully slow for me from the US.
#2: This is the second time you’ve come to us to ask how to scrape a site that explicitly says you MAY NOT scrape data from their site without prior written consent.
#3: You keep throwing in little caveats to make people think you’re doing this legitimately, but that just makes it look worse.

I’ve already stated in the previous thread that you should look at cURL’s commands, and thats as far as i’m going to support this thread as well.

Your best answer will come from the site owners.

Explain your situation and ask about their API

BTW “into my site” and “for learning” are contraditions.