How to turn on gridlines in Photoshop


Hopefully not too much of a silly question but how do I turn on the gridlines in photoshop? I thought it would be in the view menu but in my version 5.0 LE this is not the case.
Thanks for any help


ooops - sorry I should have sent this to the Graphics forum next down on the list :blush:

normally: ctrl + ’ should do the trick…
in the view menu under “show” - “gridlines”


I tried this but it doesn’t work. Ctrl + doubles the size of the window on this version of P/shop. There is no show option in the view drop down. Also missing from the preferences option in the file drop down menu is the guide and grid option. Maybe it is something to do with it being a Limited Edition version of P/shop, although I wouldn’t think that they would limit you from using gridlines, it’s hardly an advanced feature. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. ANyway I ahve my own full vefrsion of p/shop at home I will use instead. Thanks for help everyone.


He means CTL (PLUS THIS NEXT KEY) ’ … It does look like he meant ctl + though… :slight_smile:

ctrl ’

To avoid keyboard shortcut confusion, try View > Hide Gridlines (on PC).