How to track social media success.?

Hi guy, can anybody help me how can I come to know my social media success. Is the tool to generate social media success.

A lot of that will depend on first defining what social media success means to you.

The number of genuine visitors, likes, subscribers on your social media accounts will help you to measure the success of your social accounts. On facebook fanpage now there is graph which shows the visits on your fanpage and posts on your fanpage.

Events - SM success could be gauged through special events : for ex : an FB page specifically having code, ph no or email id for that event only. Never use the entire website as a “goal”. You only one access point for that goal or event.

You can track the social media success by making use of Google Analytic tool. But there are some steps to be setup in Google Analytic before going on through the social media leads. <snip/>

you can track your social media success from lots of different tools, here some social media tools are Google Analytics, HootSuite, KISSmetrics, Buffer, SocialFlow, Argyle Social, radian6, Swix, Topsy, Tweetdeck, Tweetie, ChatCatcher etc.

Use Klout to get idea how this or that social media increases your popularity. Also use statistics to get into how your page on FB or G+ is growing.
Also the`re some tips and rules to get more traffic from social nets and increase audience loyalty.

[I]Social networking sites are the main traffic generators nowadays. If you want to attract traffic out of there and even grow in SERP avoiding Google`s banhammer, remember some simple rules:

  1. people are entertaining themselves in social networks; they do not sell or buy or do business there; they’re scrolling funny or beautiful pics or looking for a person to date;
  2. so no matter what you are promoting in social networks: you MUST entertain your visitors in the first row;
  3. create unique and viral (if possible) content;
  4. don’t be annoying when trying to direct part of your FB (G+, Twitter) traffic to your site. One link a day is enough. 10 posts a day containing amusing or useful info is a minimal norm you need. If you can generate more posts (up to 20-25) without decrease in quality you should do so.
    Attention: number of daily posts should positively correlate with your audience size and age. A younger and bigger audience needs more daily content to grow.[/I]

Experiencing a better increase with the subscribers or followers is the first sign of success. But then, to have a chase after I’d apply Google Analytics and Hootsuite. Having a random access in both of these tools help me to find the progress. I could be able to track the workflow as well as audience interaction with Hootsuite and the other flexibility is to execute the other social accounts in a single place! But then to ensure the social media success, we’ll have to engage active in the networks first and commence to track for the progress ( a known fact to all).

The various social media have its monitoring tools in order to assist the reliable success of the same, I do not have any idea about any such tools but one may go online to ascertain the best alternative for the one.

The best way to view social media success is by the likes or retweets. This of course is only for Twitter and Facebook. They are the two largest which makes them the most viable.

Well stated. Most people don’t design a campaign from the beginning with any measurable goals. What do you want out of “social media”? Does it differ than other campaigns or methods of advertising? Do you want lots of followers who don’t buy your stuff or a few people who loyally buy often?

yes indeed while anyone take up social media for sharing their activities in the form of post, photo,video & info graphics. Certainly curiosity arise to keep a track of the social media success. Even Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn are providing the page insight to calculate the page engagement , audience overview on your post. sharing & social media activities to keep a track of users who are interested in sharing your posts. Social Media keep a track of users & can help you to differentiate on demographic factors, age groups & many more.

If you have integrated your social media profile with google analytic there you can measure status for your social media profiles.

No matter whether you promote over whichever social networking site, Google Analytics and [URL=“”]Statcounter are the best available options for tracking.

There are so many tools (social media management tools) available both free and paid version. Also they those (social media channels) have own like facebook ahving insight. Else you can go for google analytic (completely free) and track all the social media activities going on…

What about manually remote on the same channels.