How to tell if it's HTML5

on reddit today…

That’s beautiful Rudy, one the image, and two that you go on reddit :D.


actually, i just skim the best of reddit on


Does anything work in Internet Explorer? lol

Needlessly KIND to HTML 5.

Sure, but define “work”

A lot of things “work” in IE, but is just buggy.

Thermite works very well for Internet Explorer…

if your web page doesn’t work in IE, ur doing it wrong


Thermite always does the trick. Otherwise, C4.

Then it would really live up to the nickname Internet Exploder, wouldn’t it?

Well, it depends on your motive. :wink:

The message in that graphic doesn’t seem to bear too much questioning. I mean, what browser does support HTML5? (None that I know of.) So is the implication that CSS is also involved here? If so, then plenty of non-HTML5 sites don’t work in IE.

But maybe I’m thinking too much. (I certainly have a lean and hungry look …)

fair comment

it was not in regard to html5 per se, more in response to post #4

my assumption is that most people will want to make sure that a substantial portion of their web site’s visitors are not shafted by b0rken pages

so you make it work in IE, full stop

[semi-offtopic] my original post, with the picture, was actually added to an older thread, but a moderator split it off into this (new) thread… and i did not assign this thread’s title… so i’m wondering if another kind moderator would please fix the spelling error, as it appears that i did it, and i’m pretty careful about spelling errors


Ah, I see. (And my comment was just being cheeky, anyway. What you say is quite right, of course. :slight_smile: )

Off Topic:

so I’m wondering if another kind moderator would please fix the spelling error

Done! (Well, fixed some punctuation, anyhow. I’m not very good at spelling, but I don’t think I’ve missed anything there.)

ralph, you are a gentleman, thanks


It was a joke, but ok.

I was playing along, but ok

Sorry it’s hard to tell in an online forum.

You knowing that, and yet you still assumed there wasn’t a possibility of it being a joke as well ;).

Lol I don’t know, some of you guys seem so serious. I also realized we are starting to take over this thread.

That image made my day. IE humor, it’s just never ending.