How to target Samsung Galaxy S3 when the user agent differs from each network?

Has anyone else run into this issue? Stackoverflow as some posts about it but nothing super helpful so was wondering if someone on here has found a way to target a range or specific user agent of the Samsung Galaxy S3?


Any reason you’d want to test for a particular user agent? (Feature testing might be a better option if you’re trying to target new functionality).

Don’t is my answer.

Instead, make good use of CSS media queries instead, and if needed, feature detection.

I need a quick solution as I’m really time poor at this second to do adequate testing.

I know the pitfalls, I have been through this conversation many times. If someone has the code it would be fantastic if they could post it.

Here’s a good article about it that includes some code.

Sorry I can’t tell if you are legitimately trying to help or providing a link to an article I read when it first came out just to make a point that css and media queries are the way to go.


If I need to provide a back story as to why I want a user agent solution: I work at an agency, I do front end design and coding… with some js/php knowledge. I have a very old client site that my boss does not want to spend money on to fix, nor do we have the time, nor do the devs have the time to quickly test with me.

I came here trying to find a very quick solution. I am completely aware of the advantages and disadvantages and will definitely come back to this project and do it right through a whole css re-write.

But anyway thanks for your input.

The problem is that the iPhone 5 helped to highlight the problem that specific layouts for specific devices are guaranteed to break when progress occurs. And you can always guarantee that change happens.

Android devices now have a range of 70 different layouts, depending on the type of device that is detected. That becomes a real problem when you have to create different layouts for each one.

So as a result, mobile developers are turning back to css media queries so that screen-size break points can be used to help manage the complexity. This is also where an infinite grid system can be of a great help too.

lol the iphone 5? mate these problems were around well before the iphone 5 was launched

I’m starting to think this is probably the wrong forum to come looking for straight advice and solutions. If I wanted to brush up on my media queries and css skills I could open one of the endless twitter streams, blog posts, books I have access to and get a more comprehensive and detailed insight.

Thanks though champ

Well you’re welcome to visit the developing for mobile devices forum. They’re likely to know more about how to resolve your particular problem.

Thank you. That section looks promising.