How to tag photos more thab 50 frinds in FB?

Hi friends, in facebook i can able to tag photos for 50 friends only. Is their any way or add-on to tag more friends…

The limit is designed to stop people from spam tagging and resides on Facebook’s side thus negating any addon or scripts. How many friends do you possibly have in a photo anyways?

I have a question: Why would you want to tag a lot of people? Are they really in the picture, or do you just want them to take notice of the picture they’re tagged in? If it’s the latter, I think you shouldn’t even try doing it because there are some people out there who don’t like being tagged in pictures that don’t really involve them.

i am agreed with you people did not like to tag beacause alot of other when they comment on it so every time it will show as notification on everyone profile

I think it’s possible to have your friends tag more friends from the facbook image or post once they have been tagged.