How to stop left div expanding right div?

I put two child divs inside a parent container. I floated the children left and right, and they both sit correct.

The problem I am having is that as the left or right container expands vertically, it is stretching the other! Is there anyone to avoid this?

thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Johnuk,

Can we see some html that you are using as I am not clear exactly on what is happening?

Floats are independent and unless they are nested there should be no vertical influence on each other.

The floats will need to have widths if they have fluid content or they will try to take up the whole horizontal space and one will drop.

Hi, as Paul said, unless you are using table cells in there (or display:table-cell) there is no reason for this at all (unless you have an equal height column trick in there)

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