How to stop auto animation when video is playing in flexslider?

Hi All,

I am using flexslider for video slider. I have multiple videos. When i play a video, auto animation has to be stopped. when video will be finished the auto animation has to be started automatically.

Thanks in Advance!!!

WooThemes have an example of how you can achieve this.

Hi Chris, Thanks for your response. But, Woo Themes shows about Vimeo video. But iam using the video files from my local machine. Yahoo api and vimeo api provides some options. But i am not able to get this when i am using local video files.

Thanks in Advance!!!

I used that purely as an example as it shows how you can use the API to stop and start the slider, what are you using to play your video’s as typical players have their own API’s built into them.

I am using jwplayer chris.
i dont know how to access this line $f(player).addEvent(‘ready’, ready);
Please help me!!!