How to spread business proposal to companies?

Hi everyone

I own a small company that moves in IT business such as Web Design, Graph Design, etc…

I’ve made a proposal however to explain business prospects. But it’s just that I am not really sure how to reach companies using my proposal. What is the effective way to spread my proposal to the companies ?

Should I just go door to door and give my proposal to their Public Relations staff or any related staff and wait their calls after seeing my proposal?What if my proposal hasn’t been read by them or maybe the worst thing is that my proposal goes to the trash without having them to read it first…

By the way, I already did door to door to sent my proposal, but i never get called ever since :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree with Sagewing, first of all you have to make a good list of your strengths and weaknesses. then your targeted audience and the way to market your strengths to the targeted audience and try to learn things from your competitors. Competitive analysis will help you to figure out to find your audience and ways to interact with them effectively.

Figure out what, exactly, your product or service is. Refine it into a clear message. Identify your target market, exactly. Build a plan to reach that market, then deliver the message to them.

Without a coherent plan, sending out a proposal is just noise to most clients.

You need to team up with someone who can market your company and write copy. Quite possibly also handle client meetings, pitches, and closing sales.

My guess is your proposal has everything about technology, and nothing about client payoff. That has to change. You may have to make big changes in how you view what business you’re in, and how you do business.

Unfortunately there lies a gulf of understanding between installing the same technology everyone else does, and the human factors leading to a client payoff.

For example, don’t make the same proposal to every business. Learn about the potential client and tailor a proposal to fit. Don’t pitch public relations, pitch the guy who makes the decision to buy. Could be the marketing manager. Could be IT. Could be the CEO.

And finally, what makes you think they don’t already have a contract with a company they’ve been doing business with for years? What is going to make them take a gamble on an unknown?

Most business proposals are for clients to give the money to them, rather than a hundred other competitors, or not spend the money at all …just because. That’s not a compelling business proposal, no matter how much you want the money.