How to speed up a script shop?

I have a website where I’ve included a store from using a script they provide. The store link is .

In general, the other pages of the WordPress website perform well in Insights and analyses, but the page with the script, even though it doesn’t include anything else, has particularly poor results.

You can see a test result here:, and especially in the performance section, the result is very low.

I understand that being a third-party script, it might not be especially fast, but this seems excessively low. Can you provide recommendations to improve the performance score?

The website is hosted on a LiteSpeed server with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin installed and configured, as well as the APCu manager for object caching and the OPcache enabled.

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I mean, your webpagetest seems to be telling me your problem mostly is that your webpage redirects to itself? The result says it spent 3 and a half seconds redirecting to itself. Least i think that’s what it’s saying.

@m_hutley Well, I don’t understand why the report says that either, as the page consists only of the HTML and the embedded script. Looking at the page source “view-source:” I can’t find anything that could be causing it. Can you?

The main items are “Serve images in next-gen formats” and “Efficiently encode images”.

Since the images in question are being served from Fine Art America there’s not a bunch you can do about it.

@Gandalf Do you think these are the elements that penalize the performance on my store page the most?

Well the report says for the first one estimated savings 541s and for the second estimated savings 404.63s. Together that’s over 15 mins. You be the judge!

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Being an external script, what options do I have to optimize it and improve its loading?

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