How to slide service boxes?

Take a look at these service boxes

I want to have 10 of them. And what I was thinking is to create a slider which will show only three of them and then you press an arrow and it will show you next three. You know what I mean?

Is there any plugin that can help me accomplish that? Or is there any example of what I want. If you know for any example please provide a link to that. I would be thankful.

Check out something like bxSlider. It’s a great little slider script. You could put three boxes in each frame, as an example, and have left/right buttons to reaveal the others.

Im having problems importing it to wordpress… I link js files using address from their site as well as css. And then I load script inside wp page. But it seems its not working

Perhaps firstly get it working independently of WP, and then work out how to integrate the working model into WP. Otherwise you are dealing with two problems at once.