How to shut down a website?

hi guys i’m new here,
well my thing is to completelly shut down a website which is located or made in Copenhagen,Denmark which is registered trough i have his domain name,administrative contact and technical contact address and email,also his domain servers. the only thing that worries me is this:

Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited
Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited

is that the problem to shut down the website or not?
if somebody can advise or tell me what to do or i can do i can give my email to someone of you i also can find on the same page the IP address of that website.

hope you can help me,
thank you guys.

Hi abused. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

What do you mean by ‘shut down website’? Do you want to take it offline, or delete it completely, or …?

I’ve moved this to hosting (although I was a bit in doubt to move it to domains) because I think that it fits better in this area (it is a mix of hosting and domains)

The hosting part is easy. Simply remove all the files in the remote server and inform your ISP that you will be ending your hosting contract. They will delete the DNS zones for that domain as well as dispose of the hard disk space contracted.

The domain part is more difficult and this is the area where you seem to have problems with. You not only the contact details (either owner or administrative) but you need to be one of them (or at least to have their username and password to access the domain control panel which can be the same as the hosting’s or not).

Some providers have an option to indicate that they don’t want that name anymore, other simply will tell you that you don’t have to renew the domain name when it expires.

Check goDaddy’s faqs to know their policy about this particular subject

Edit: By the way, you shouldn’t be worried by the clientProhibited messages… that’s natural because you can’t connect with the registrar’s database directly.

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Sounds kinda like you’re asking how to take down someone elses website… is that what you’re trying to get info about? O_o

your questions seems like you want to completely shutdown your website. if that’s your main purpose then remove all the files that you have from your server and then ask your hosting company to cancel your account.
after that you can inform the company from where you have booked domain and ask them not to renew your domain name.
when the time will come for renual of the domain name don’t do it. as simple as that :slight_smile:

you can send them the mail.if you already moved your site to new admin then you can delete account from go daddy.if that not happend then donot worry no one can use your details for wrong way because all domain register has a godfather which is call as ICANN.

If you no-longer want to host a website, tell your server / service to stop serving it - simple really.

If you want to drop the domain, don’t renew it when it comes around, most providers won’t let you cancel a domain before their renewal date.

The “Registry Status” just means that the domain has been locked by the registrar so that it can not be modified or transferred to a different registrar unless the owner specifically unlocks it. This is ostensibly done to forestall other registrars from “hijacking” domains (but it also puts obstacles in the way of the domain owner moving away from GoDaddy - which is probably more important).

If you have the password just go in, unlock it and make what ever changes you need to make. Presumably you want to change the name servers to point the domain to something else?

Remember that the domain name is just the address to get to the website - it isn’t the website itself. But obviously, if the address isn’t pointing to the hosting package you have effectively shut it down.

Cheers - Ingenyes.

The fastest way would be to call the provider and just have them delete you off their servers. Of course you can always back up your data before hand or manually delete it.

You could easily remove the files from your Web site via an FTP client, or you could contact your host and have them take it down—essentially just deleting your account.