How to shut down a website?

Hi everyone, I’m not sure if this is the right section to be posting this or not but if so here is my question…

My buddy has a business website that someone created and hosted for him and things happened where he lost contact with the person and all he wants to do now is shut down the website since its messing up with his business but he can’t touch base with that person. What steps can you take to shut it off? Thanks for any help.

Do you know where the site is hosted? Did your buddy organise the hosting, or did the other person who created the website?

Its all on the hosting, you can check it here

Just paste the URL and just read all of the information and from there he can contact the person manage it.
I am just speaking for what I will do if ever I lost information of my provider (for any reason)

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You can shut it down by pointing the domain elsewhere. If you don’t have control of the domain you may be able to gain control via the relevant authority if you have legal provenance for the domain.

Please go to manage domain console provided by your registrar and remove the DNS entries.
That’s it :slight_smile:
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Go to your domain hoster and delete the account or talk to live help to delete the account

Hi all, thanks for the replies. The person who created it, also hosted it, but now the guy who made it wont respond to any of his calls.

If you care to know the name of the site, its

As EastCoast said, you can shut down the domain or move it elsewhere. Although the guy who built the site controls the hosting, it appears that the domain is registered to the owner of the business. Tell him to get in touch with the registrar if he doesn’t have the account details.

It’s a good sign that the client is the named Registrant and Administrative contact. Tell them to view the WHOIS record for the domain and check that their contact details are correct.

And then to email the Registration Service (Sectorlink) at the address shown there, sending from their email account shown in the WHOIS. Sectorlink should be able to offer them support. The client should also decide whether they want to maintain registration of the domain name or allow it to expire.

Make sure the client is aware that if the domain is allowed to expire (26th Feb 2012) it’s likely to be acquired by someone else, and may be exploited for commercial ends unrelated to it’s former purpose, hawking Viagra for example. As the domain tops Google for “roselli foods” I’d advise them to retain it if they are still trading under the name or may wish to in future.

Mask the existing website with Website Closed / Website under Maintenance / redirect the Website to a new website. Otherwise, just remove your webfiles and database from the root file and your website will not be able to visible anymore.

That’s quite a situation! Since the website isn’t his, he probably can’t do much about it besides contact his web designer. If that doesn’t work, his only other option is to take legal action and seize the website.

It seems that ‘’ is hosted by You can contact webhost and request them to cancel the hosting or if you have access to domian name registry you can just remove the nameservers so that your website won’t resolve anymore.

Pretty simple and a lot easier than getting set up:

  1. Delete everything via FTP.
  2. Sell your domain.
  3. Cancel your hosting plan.

Or you can just cancel your hosting plan and have your entire server deleted.

If your buddy doesn’t have any information required to log-in then he cannot shut down the website.
He must find that lost guy.

Login to the domain name control panel and points to the server than the original
Don’t pay the hosting bill, probably they will delete the hosting account automatically

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