How to show only Title value without rest of value?

It seems TITLE TAG is not defined inside a custom theme as it will not be returned positive return.

    if ( ! current_theme_supports( 'title-tag' ) ) {

When I try to echo another title variable, it will be shown also rest part on the right-hand side:
About Us Blog –

How to manage only pure title value as the bottom code will not work:

$title = wp_title( '', false, 'right' );
echo $title;

In WordPress, the wp_title() function is often used to generate the title tag of a page. However, this function includes the site name and description by default, which is why you’re seeing “About Us Blog –” instead of just “About Us Blog”.

To get only the title of the page without the site name and description, you can use the get_the_title() function instead. This function returns only the title of the current post or page.

Here’s how you can use it:

$title = get_the_title();
echo $title;

Please note that get_the_title() must be used inside The Loop if you want to get the title of a post or page. If you’re outside The Loop, you need to provide a post ID as an argument.

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