How to show new image when mousing over link

I have this mockup here.

I want a new image to show when the user mouses over each link. I prefer a jquery plugin. Does anyone have recommendations for me? I’m a newb when it comes to Javascript so the easier the better

Any reason why you prefer Javascript over CSS? Since you said “mouse over” and not “on click”, CSS can do this fairly easily, and will reach more people (even those with JS off) and means if you are adding jQuery/whatever simply for this, it removes the need for JS at all (obviously this last argument doesn’t work if you are already using JS for something else).

An example:

It can easily be done for your setup as well, if it really is the way your link seems. The links and the image simply have to be in the same box.

Yeah, I’ll be using JS for some other behaviors too on the same page. I ask for JS simply because client may want a simple fade in/fade out effect or whatever and I’d rather just use JS and be done with.


Hi Blog Guy,

Take a look at this link. Maybe it will help you