How to set up Vagrant for my web development?

I am trying for the first time to use vagrant and the PHP and MYSQL Novice to Ninja 6ed book. I am using a windows machine and got one Vagrant VM up and running ’ homestead improved’.I have a webdev folder and within that 5 subdirectories with websites.

my_project … was created when set up VM – p10 instructions

After the VM installation the folder
my_project … which has Project subdirectory and Project has public subdirectory.

All the VM stuff seems to have landed in my_project folder.
I have then use the instruction on p662 … command run from my_project, to get the sample code repository to install into my_project/project/ public. Okay that works so I can see the sample code.

So how should I manage my development environment ? Should I set up a separate VM for each of then websites ? That seems like a heavy overhead to me. Also, if I do that will I be able to edit and run code from multiple websites ?

Or should I somehow use the ‘Add new sites’ instructions to add new sites to the VM ? Can they be outside of the my_project subdirectory structure ?
The example given on the sitepoint help sheet ‘Quick Tip: Get a Homestead Vagrant VM Up and Running’ Didn’t really address this as they were all mapping onto /home/vagrant/code …location.
I seem to have the example code , but nowhere to develop my code or see and run my existing php websites?

I am just trying to get started and want to do it the right way. So instructions have to be very easy to follow. If you could ensure you go through and answer all the questions, that would be appreciated,

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