How to set the Keywords?

Supposed i have a site which sells Christian-Louboutin shoes. i want to promote the site and make the search engine indexed all the content of the site quickly. now if i want to write some articles by get that, what’s Keywords i should write and focus? could you give me some examples.and why you select those words as the promotion Keywords? many thanks.

ps:where shoud i submit those articles?

[FONT=verdana]You don’t need to “set keywords”, nor do you need to “submit articles”.

If your site is selling Christian Louboutin shoes, then you need to create some interesting and original content about Christian Louboutin shoes. Make sure there is plenty of text that the search engines can index. And, of course, mention the important words (“Christian Louboutin”, “shoes”, “footwear”, “red-lacquered soles”, or whatever your experience tells you that your customers will search for), but don’t overdo it to the point where the text no longer sounds natural.

As for getting site the indexed quickly, the major search engines will index your site - but in their own sweet time. You don’t need to do anything to cause that to happen. If you wish, you can submit a sitemap to Google, but it’s unlikely to make much difference. In fact, Google are pretty good at indexing new sites quite quickly, even without any action on the site owner’s part.


If you want to promote your site then you must follow a proper seo process. Only article submission is not sufficient. Write unique and good content for your site. USe onpage and offpage SEO techniques to promote your site.

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[christian louboutin shoes price]
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[christian louboutin shoes on sale]
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These are some of the keywords you can target.

Create your content around these keywords and optmize your site title, description and meta keywords.

Then use the following seo techniques:

(1) Blog commenting on dofollow blogs.
(2) forum posting with signature.
(3) article submissions.
(4) social bookmarking.
(5) Post Guest post in blogs .
(6) Conduct Keyword Research
(7) Link Wheel
(8) Web 2.0
(9) Blog Commenting
(10) Forum Commenting
(11) Ads Posting through Classifieds
(12) Press Release
(13) Slides Sharing
(14) Video Marketing
(15) Article Marketing
(16) Guest Posting

Let me know if you need any assistance.

many thanks. could you explain how to do those? eg:how to find the blog that can comment what is dofollow blogs? where to article submit?

If only it was as easy as “setting the keywords”. Many of my clients ask me where I “put in” the keywords so I’ve become accustomed to explaining that it is not so simple. Including keywords within your content will happen naturally on your site but you can definitely make a point to include certain keyphrases within your site. That’s only half the battle though (or 10% of the battle). You’ll have to get incoming links and continue to create content to become an authority on your topic. The list runeveryday posted is a good list of linkbuilding techniques. I would add some good old fashioned techniques including purchasing ads on appropriate sites in your niche (if there are any) and seeking links through relationship building with some leaders in your niche. Before anyone jumps all over me about paid links, the paid links would not be for SEO purposes but traffic. They can and should be nofollow links.

dofollow blogs are relevant. when you do comment on this blogs, google will count your link as a backlink. A link has more weight when it comes from a dofollow site compared to a nofollow one. BUT, let me tell you that it’s better to also submit or comment to nofollow sites just to make your backlinking normal. Google might penalize you for targeting tons of dofollow links without a single nofollow. They’d suspect you for over-optimizing. Keep things natural. Google loves that.


I’m sorry, but that’s not true. Google is clever enough to know the difference between public platforms where anyone can post a link, and sites hosting genuine content where a link is seen as a real endorsement of the linked-to page.

The fact is that any link that you can simply post yourself is not going to be worth anything in the eyes of the search engine. This applies equally to what you call “dofollow blogs”. A blogger might well flag links in his comments as nofollow, but that’s done to discourage spammy links. If the blogger doesn’t do that, that doesn’t increase the value of the link.

I can only repeat what I said earlier. If you are in the business of selling Christian-Louboutin shoes, for goodness sake concentrate on selling Christian-Louboutin shoes. Your primary concerns should be to create an attractive site that customers will want to visit, and where they’ll be happy to spend their money. More importantly, make sure you are offering a product that people will want to buy, at a price they are willing to pay. And offer some service or some sort of extra value that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Unless you can get those fundamentals right, all this nonsense about creating artificial backlinks and submitting articles is just a waste of time.


hi runeveryday, for me the best to use GOOGE adword tool but make sure to use FILTERs for extract best keywords for use… good luck!!!

I would agree with Miki that first of all you need a website to start your business first.Pour some good content in it.Then comes the role of SEO.For choosing the keyword you can use Google Adwords tool.Write the word from which you want your customer to search for you.In your case it can be Christian Louboutin.Select the country to filter your search. Then it will display the suggestions with the keyword.Choose the one with less competition and more global and local searches Choose the best combination of 3 and start targeting those keywords for your site.Include those keywords in Meta tags.Good Luck!

I was mainly answering to the question raised, “what are do follow blogs?” I’d respect your opinion about what I said. But I stand firmly by what I’ve said.

When it comes to keyword research, focus on long tail keys available. Short terms usually have high competition. Look at tools which can help you distinguish the value of keywords like WordTracker. If you’re going with Google tool, focus on exact matches than Broad and phrase matches.

I agree with @Mikl on this one. Google is smart enough to know that a comment link is just you commenting on someone else’s article. Google would much rather promote the sites that produce content rather than the ones who simply comment on it.

If you want good backlinks, you should contact a lot of people within your niche and write content specifically for their site in exchange for a link. This takes a long time and it is hard work, but 5 of these links are more valuable than 50,000 blog comments, forum sig/profile links, social bookmarks, link wheels, etc.

In reference to your questions about keywords:

The keyword research should determine the Title Tags and META Descriptions for your pages, and it should determine the TOPIC of your articles and the ones you promote on other people’s sites. I like to put 1 long-tail keyword in the title of all of my blog posts. Don’t worry as much about anchor text in the guest post article or anything like that. You are much better off just using the name of the site or your name than having keyword specific anchor text for every link.

You should go into this like you are trying to become the foremost authority in the industry on Louboutin shoes, not like you are just trying to rank for certain keywords. Google can detect patterns when people try to exploit their algorithm to rank for certain keywords.

The people at Google are pretty sharp guys, don’t underestimate their ability to do anything.