How to separate writeHTMLCell content in TCPDF

Hi friends,
I have a problem Regarding TCPDF . I need 2 different table colums
using tcpdf method “writeHTMLCell” . but I cannot break that as 2, it show as one table .
please look the images to understand that there is a “model” and “not model” images , compare same and help me
to give a gap among them .


not model


I’m not sure what code you are using exactly, but check out example 48, it seems to do what you want.

Hi cpradio,
I am not plan to use HTML table as you shown in 48 example …

My current code for 2 parts is now :

$declaration = "<br />We declare that this invoice shows the actual price of the goods described and that all particulars are true and correct.";
						$signature  = "For Maxworth International Pty Ltd <br /><br /><br /><br /> Authorised Signatory";	
						$y = $this->getY();
						$x = $this->getX();
						$this->writeHTMLCell(136,22,'',$y,$declaration,1,1,1, true, 'J',false);	
						$this->writeHTMLCell(50,22,$x+136,$y,$signature,1,1,1, true, 'J',true);	
                        /* Bank details */
						$accountname = "Account Name: <br /><b>".$this->bean->accountname_c;
						$swiftcode  = "SWIFTCODE: <br /><b> ".$this->bean->swiftcode_c."</b>";
						$accountno  = "ACCOUNT NO: <br /><b>".$this->bean->accountno_c."</b>";
						$bankname  = "Bank Name: <br /><b>".$this->bean->bankname_c."</b>";
						$branchname  = "Branch Name: <br /><b>".$this->bean->branchname_c."</b>";
						$text = "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>PN : Use your Invoice Number as reference</b>";
						$y = $this->getY();
						$x = $this->getX()+10;
						$this->writeHTMLCell(55,12,$x,$y,$accountname,1,1,1, true, 'J',false);	
						$this->writeHTMLCell(55,12,$x+55,$y,$swiftcode,1,1,1, true, 'J',true);	
						$this->writeHTMLCell(55,12,$x+110,$y,$accountno,1,1,1, true, 'J',true);	
						$this->writeHTMLCell(55,12,$x,$y+12,$bankname,1,1,1, true, 'J',true);	
						$this->writeHTMLCell(110,12,$x+55,$y+12,$branchname,1,1,1, true, 'J',true);	
						$this->writeHTMLCell(165,12,$x,$y+24,$text,1,1,1, true, 'J',true);
						$this->writeHTMLCell(165,12,$x,$y+36,'',1,1,1, true, 'J',true);

Please advise in this scenario.


Wouldn’t you then just increase your y coordinate (the second instance of the below)?

$y = $this->getY() + 10;

Thans Cpradio , your solution rocks