How to send a legitimate email?

If I send emails to local businsess,
don’t I need sometype of opt out language
in the email to make it legitimate?

That is one of the countries with a law that actually supports spam as long as you follow the rules. Many other countries actually have proper laws that actually work to prevent spam by defining everything you didn’t actually opt-in to receive as being spam.

One of the easiest tests for an email being spam is if it says it complies with that act.

I’d check out the CAN-SPAM Act which makes is pretty clear what you need to do to comply when emailing in the US. Unfortunately I think there are still a few grey areas that the law isn’t completely clear on, and for that reason I’ve never emailed local businesses myself.


I don’t think most businesses will mind you sending them a friendly personal email in relation to what you want to talk about (as long as it’s not an advertisement or canned response). However what the others have said is accurate (in that you shouldn’t just send out emails wherever you feel like doing it) because sending mail that is not welcome or agreed to (receive) is spam by definition - the opt in/out links don’t in any way validate it or make it ok todo :slight_smile:

Concentrate on getting people to opt in first.

They can’t opt out of something they never opted in for – it’s spam.

No - for a one off email you need an opt in link for if they want to hear from you again if you want to appear legitimate. That way you don’t send them heaps of spam just because they are sensible enough to not click a link in an email from someone they’ve never heard of before.

An opt out link only works AFTER you have established a relationship with them. You can’t opt out of something that you never opted in to in the first place.

Note that in countries with nproper anti-spam laws even that first email asking them to opt in is defined as spam if you haven’t had any prior contact from them.