How to search in fields


i have a varchar field named featuresIDs in my table.

I save selecteds features Id’s for the project in it with comma seperated.

The values in it like 1,2,10,42,45 ; 5,30,45

Now i want to search for; For example 2,42 or 1,45 in that field.

How do i make it.

I don’t want to first take all records and than make a foreach loop with php.

Thank you

Normalize your database and get rid of columns that contain multiple, comma separated values. Instead, create a new table, projectfeatures, which will contain a row for each project-feature combination.

you advice me to get result by “JOİN”. Right?

That way, i have to change a bunch of things:)

isn’t there an any solution else? like REGEXP

Normalize your data, change the bunch of things instead.