How to scrolling with class name only?(Selenium + Python)

ALSALAMU ALAYKUM (Hello) can i get a small help with selenium web driver
how can i scrolling down only with class name?

What’s your code currently doing?

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i’m making a tiktok auto follow program to commented people
but i haqve a small problem that i have to make scrolling down to load the profiles
at stackoverflow the left panel what i need to make it scroll down to apply that in my program

So #1: Be very careful, make sure that what you’re trying to do isnt against Tiktok’s terms of service.
#2: What you’re trying to do is accomplished by sending the javascript command scrollIntoView() through the driver’s execute_script function. You may also need one of the ‘find’ functions to retrieve the element you’re trying to get into view.

it’s oke but my problem is i’m using only python and don;t know about js

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